Saturday, February 28, 2015

Nightwatch begins!

I am working on a big painting. Its going to be exhibited at the Anacostia Arts Center from June 1 to June 6. At the end of the night on June 6 I will destroy the painting in front of an audience.

That is the shortest way to explain what is going on. I will be sending out more details as June 1 gets closer, but for now, please enjoy some photos of the painting as it takes shape.
18' X 10' of hand primed canvas (thank you Andrew!) 

 a ground of raw sienna 

Day 1: Projected reference photos to set general composition, blocked in some color. The painting edges defined as 16' x 9'

Day 2: Begin defining figures in underpainting

Day 3: More figures, darkened background

Day 4: More figures, Dog and still life on table

Day 5: Underpainting of figures complete.


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