Thursday, October 09, 2014

BUG Opens and the set gets a good review! (so does the rest of the show)

Normally I don't like posting pictures of the set of a show that is running, because I feel that it can detract from the experience if I already know what I am going to see. However, this time I am making an exception because of this wonderful praise for the set:

So, really, this means that if the show is the "6th character" then showing pictures of it is like showing pictures of the actor in the show. Showing a static picture doesn't take anything away from the performance, because the actor changes and unfolds the role during the course of the show. So does this scenery in this case. So, please enjoy these glimpses of the set, and hopefully it will whet your appetite to actually come see the show THIS SATURDAY (10/11) for "Scenery Appreciation Night"! Get Tickets HERE.


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