Thursday, October 03, 2013

Clown Roundup # 2

After taking a week off to cruise around the North Atlantic (Maine, New Brunswick and Halifax) I am back and ready for another CREEPY CLOWN ROUNDUP!

(if you are interested in purchasing any, please visit the Creepy Clowns Web page)

#9 Acrylic on Board 20" x24"(SOLD)

#10 Acrylic on Board 11" x 14"

#11 Acrylic on Oak Board, 11" x 14"

# 12 Acrylic on Board 8" x 16"

#13 Acrylic on Board 5" x 7"

#14 Acrylic on Board 5" x 7"

# 15 Acrylic on Board 12" x 16"

# 16 Acrylic on Board 11" x 14" (SOLD)


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