Thursday, September 12, 2013

Clown Roundup # 1

As anybody who is friends with me on Facebook knows, (and I presume that is all of you...except perhaps my parents...who am I kidding? they don't read this blog!) I have been posting photos of my daily clown paintings (to be fair, its not exactly daily...I have been skipping a day or two. but my hope is to have 30 complete by the Spooktacular) These paintings will serve as the prizes for the game(s) we devise to be played at the Spooktacular. They are available for purchase before the party HERE, and you will note that some are already sold.

Clown #2  8"x11"

Clown 3  7.5"x9.5"
Clown # 4   12"x14"

Clown #5  9.5"x11.5"
Clown #6  5"x7" (SOLD)
Clown # 7  20"x25" (SOLD)
Clown # 8  12"x14"
Look for more (22 more!) creepy clown paintings in the coming weeks...and get your clown costumes ready!

Also, I'd like to remind you that Saturday is the opening reception for the ArtWhino G40 Art Summit, where my robot painting "NIGH" will be on view...

See you there!

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