Thursday, August 22, 2013

Art Romp Anacostia Tomorrow!

You should come out to Art Romp Anacostia tomorrow night. Really. It's been a long time (6 years!) since the last time Molly Ruppert decided to call up all of her favorite artist-types and hang one of the most anarchic and surprising art shows DC has seen. Think of it as an Artomatic, but smaller and more...pointed...that is, a sharp pointy stick that jabs at you imploring you to get off of your duff and go see the art that the people all around you are making!

Anyway, below is my submission:

Man In The Moon, Mixed Media on Paper, 11"x15"
This guy is a bit of a departure for me (i.e. no monkeys) but I have really been grooving on making more "dreamlike" work lately...I am going to have to take a brief break from this type of work very soon because the siren song of the Spooktacular can now be heard faintly in the distance...(the song sounds a bit like it has a calliope in it...)


Unknown said...

This speaks to me, it's awesome.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Jared,
My name is Alex Daley and I would like to use the image "Man in the Moon" for my online English class "Folklore and Literature of Myth Magic and Ritual." If you are willing to give permission for me to use your artwork you can email me at

Thank you,
Alex Daley