Saturday, September 22, 2012

XANADU for under $10 a day

Landless Theater Company is having a fund raiser. You see, they are engaged in negotiations on getting their own space, and they cant just stop doing shows while they are homeless. So, they have decided to present XANADU at the FCAC (in Frederick MD) in order to keep people excited about LTC and perhaps make a tiny bit of money that will go towards getting the new space up and running. They came to me, and asked if I could design them a set for XANADU for as little money as possible. I scratched my head and came up with this:
It consists of a simple painted floor, a set of blue curtains that I own, two pediments borrowed from Dominion stage's spring production of November, shimmer curtain, and disco balls. Total cost for the set as designed: Under $100. Opens October 12th.

I have made some revisions and improvements to the Velvet Banana set, (hopefully you will find this version more a-PEAL-ing! ouch!) and will begin to paint it later this week...of course, I will post photos as things progress...

UPDATE: Trixie and Monkey have conferred and have asked to see some more sketches, without their visages at all...below is my latest stab at it:

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