Friday, June 22, 2012

Warren G. Harding, ROCKSTAR! (again)

During this weeks preparations for the upcoming European vacation I started working on the backdrop for this Summer's remount of the Landless Theater Company's President Harding is a Rock Star, which is being remounted for the Capital Fringe Festival

Progress Shot of the backdrop...8'x12' muslin
 The last time Landless did Harding was in late October of 2008 (only a few days before the election that swept Obama into office) So, at the time the Shepard Fairey "Hope" posters were everywhere....I wont bore you with the details when you can get the full explanation HERE

So, since Landless has been assigned the Fringe Festival "Tent of Doom!" again...the set needs to be much simpler. Consequentially, I am simply making a backdrop that will cover the back wall made up of three identical Harding "Crab" posters (kinda like a cross between multiple pasted-up posters for political campaigns as well as rock concerts)

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