Thursday, June 07, 2012

Look Ma, I'm on the Tee Vee at Artomatic!

I only really did one artistic thing this week, I built a wall easel in my home studio that will enable me to paint larger paintings without sacrificing floorspace. Before this I had trouble painting larger pictures because I use a table easel, which means that if a painting gets too large I need to put the easel on the ground was a mess. So now with about $100 of pipe, fittings, tapcon screws and some clamps, I have an easel that lets me paint pretty darn big (in relation to the size of the room...If I want to paint really big, I just use the scenic studio in Arlington...) Of course, I am a doofus and do not have a picture to show you, so you will just have to take my word for it, its awesome.

Although this was shot a few weeks ago, this video was released this has a very short segment with me in it (around minute 2:17)

The other two notable events this week were the farewell party for Kirstra...she is going to Rochester with her fiance Patrick....she will be missed down here...

And, I was sat on a jury trial, which was the fastest one I have ever been on (two days!) I have been called to serve 5 times in the district and seated on a jury 4 times! So, I was very glad that the case was so open and shut.

Oh, and we took the Rapunzel tower down  Yesterday :(

Just a friendly reminder that the exhibition ELEVATOR TO THE MOON at the Artisphere closes this Saturday, so NOW is the last minute if you wanted to buy anything! Cheers!

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