Friday, June 01, 2012

Dropping off my (noun) to be hung

Artomatic has opened and things are moving briskly. I've sold some pieces, and have completed my three volunteer shifts. I was interviewed by the media twice about my work (one was for WTOP, and I dont think he used any of my soundbites...the other was for Arlington TV, and since I don't have cable television in Arlington, I don't know when, or if, it will air). I think I will try to make it to Meet the Artist night this upcoming that I may meet some of the other artists (I'm always looking out for new folks doing stuff that fits with Yuri's Night, or EBFC for that matter)

Otherwise its been a quiet couple of weeks...still trying to rebound after all of the Yuri's Night/Children's Ball/Red Palace Sign/Artomatic drama...

Of course, this weekend is the drop off deadline for ART LIBS (curated by Sherill Anne Gross)

 So, you get the idea from the postcard above...I was selected to provide a, of course its going to be somebody like this guy:

Noun-Singular (title withheld due to Art Libs rules) Mixed Media on Paper, 11"x 14"

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