Friday, March 16, 2012

T-Minus 29 Days until C2YN!!!! ALSO, DRINKBOT!

Andre the Giant may have a posse...but Drinkbot has a Facebook page: HERE (go to there and "like" him...he likes you a lot!)

Speaking of Drinkbot, this week I began the process of immortalizing our defender of the adult beverage with his very own shot glass.

Sold with or without Stoli....but we know you...with.    Artwork by Andrew Wodzianski
These babies will be available exclusively at C2YN on April 14th...collect them while supplies last!

C2YN also has a Facebook Event really should tell us you are coming so we know how many bottles of Stoli to put out for you....

The "video shoot" took place this are some inspiring "behind the scenes" stills to keep you wondering:
Photo by John "Rex" Hattin

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