Thursday, November 17, 2011


Its that time of year again...time to check out what Landless Theater Company has in store for its upcoming season, and buy a season subscription!

With a Subscription you get three shows for $40! (it would normally cost you $75 for all three!...hell, you would only have to see two of the three shows and you would still be 5 bucks ahead!)

Check out this interview with Artistic Director Andy Baughman about the upcoming season: HERE

Now, on to personal Art By Jared business...The Isuzu Hombre is dead. After 11 years of faithful service (it was a 98 and I got it used in 2001) it has entered the "nickel and dime" phase...(I have already put about 2 grand into it this year...and a $850 fuel pump repair was the last straw). Anyway, the death of the Hombre has caused a veritable work stoppage artistically, seeing as I am frantically trying to find a new (used) truck that will not put me in debtors prison...

However, I do have some things to show. Ever since the Halloween party, I have been setting quick assignments for myself. That is, I have been taking 5"x7" pieces of board (canvasboard, luan, plywood, etc) that have been lying around the studio, and then painting from magazines and whatnot. I have set a rule that each one is declared done in no more than an hour. So, these are not intended as saleable art, but more a way to get me loosened up and thinking through some of the issues that a larger (and longer) painting produce. So, check out these sketches (I've been calling them "quickies") I'd be interested to know which ones are interesting to you...

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