Thursday, September 15, 2011

Imagination Stage Open House and Backwoods Bloodshed

For those of you keeping score, I did not post last week. I was in super crunch time for the Imagination Stage Open House, and did not have time to devote to telling you all about how I didn't have enough time to...tell you...about how...never mind...

So, here's some photographic highlights of the set from the highly successful Open House:
The P-Nokio boombox still stapled to the easel (8'h x12'w)
Blurry Photo of the boombox in the dance studio
A "frozen" P-Nokio actor (the white witch froze everyone) and some of the kids sent to save him
Kids getting instructions on how to find the white witch

The Imagination Land Map still stapled to the easel (8'h x 12'w)
Imagination Land Map setup in the lobby

Aladdin rides his magic carpet

Rapunzel's Tower
Rapunzel's Tower with alligator filled moat

Closeup of the Wardrobe
Folks going through the wardrobe into Narnia...

The White Witch tries to freeze all of the kids!
As you can see, a good time was had by all...I am looking forward to next year's Open House already!

The other design work I had started this weekend was developing some scenery for the Six Flags "Backwoods Bloodshed" (the haunted trail behind the amusement park) Here, presented without comment are some of the designs I have submitted (lord only knows which ones they will like...)

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