Thursday, September 22, 2011

Broken Fences & Giant Nutcracking

I have been making lots of progress on Ballroom Boxing (I had hopes that I would finish it this week, but that seems unlikely now, considering how slow the going has been) but I forgot to take pictures of, I promise progress photos next week!

Six Flags has been a bit of a slog, but they finally decided on a final (less interesting IMHO) design this past Monday.
In the end they "just wanted a broken fence" and "can you please add lighting to the rendering"...Okay, done. "that's too much lighting"...
So, here is the final version, with toned down lighting, and all of the props removed...
On the plus side, they were all very impressed with the other renderings, and would like to work with me on other projects that are more...scripted... Stay tuned, I'll send photos of the final product once it gets built (which should be in short order, because Fright Fest starts October 1!)

Speaking of Halloween, I have started to begin to design the backyard scenery for SPOOKTACULAR XII "the Spooktacular that stole X-Mass and punched it in the face"...what better to get into the evil Christmas spirit than a giant nutcracker head for the back yard?!

My thought is that "Mr. Chompers" (provisional name...what do you call a guy who only wants nuts in his mouth all day? I'll be taking nominations in the comments...) will also be the "game" for the backyard...I was originally thinking of a skee-ball type game, where you roll balls into his mouth...but the more I think about it, the more I like a putt-putt game (the balls are smaller, of a predictable weight and readily available) So this is not the final incarnation of the giant nutcracker head, just the start of the journey (which ends in 37 days!)

Slightly farther down the pike, but also approaching just as fast is Elvis' Birthday Fight Club...we are starting to have meetings and we are likely to pick the fighters in the next few weeks. I've created a sample "fight card" in order to get the writers excited about the prospect of some juicy gladiatorial combat!

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