Thursday, August 04, 2011

GLEEAM Backdrop finished, and polar bear cuteness

GLEEAM Backdrop
12'x10' Acrylic on Muslin

This week I put the nose to the grindstone and finished the GLEEAM backdrop...for those who need reminding, GLEEAM is Landless Theatre Company's offering for the NYC Fringe Festival in August...its a mash-up of the Musical TV show Glee, and the 90's horror movie Scream. Anyway, I was able to knock out the drop in pretty short order, mostly due to my sweet new shop easel...Below is the drop about halfway done...with artist Rob Lindsay for scale...
Also this week, in order to celebrate the imminent birth of "Taco" Dobbs, I contributed this small painting. I was told that they were going for a polar bear theme for the baby's room, so I decided to capitalize on that idea, while leaving a few "sub-text" clues for the kid, for when he gets older (you know, like: where did those polar bears get that drum? What's up with the bi-plane? is this a picture that takes place in the past or present? what happened to the drummer? etc...)

Polar Bears with Drum
10"x8" Acrylic on board

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