Saturday, July 16, 2011

Possessed animals, but little paint on canvas...

Warning: Pet photo for no reason!

Sookie and Empeno both demonically possessed...

Sometimes things just move in slow motion...that is, you are working and getting stuff done, but you have little that is physical to show for it. Well, these last few weeks have been a bit like that. For example, this week a writers meeting was called for a project that I was working on that I was reluctant to share on this blog because I didn't want to jinx it. Well, the result of that meeting has dictated the direction of several of the big projects that ArtbyJared has brewing throughout the fact, it has given birth to the (potential) fourth event of the year...lots of work, and big decisions, but not much paint on canvas...anyway, I am hoping to remedy that in the next few weeks now that some of the big decisions have been made. (we even moved forward with Yuri's Night 2012 this week!)

This week was the Opening for Rock Bottom at Landless...unfortunately, the set photos I have are totally lame because I was not able to stick around while they rehearsed, so what you see is the set literally plopped down after being taken off the truck.

The cool part about this set was that I got to look up graffiti from Amsterdam, which is a lot more calligraphic (and in English) than you would think...go see the show, and see how many dutch sayings you can pick out! Proost!

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