Thursday, September 09, 2010


I was able to finish the DIY Minions painting just in time for the Beautiful Minds exhibit opening this weekend (Beautiful Minds is part of a larger festival opening the SE Waterfront, near Nats on the link here for more info) I hope you all can come out on Friday or Saturday to see the painting in the flesh...In case you cant make it, I will give you a sneak peek below:

DIY Minions
Acrylic on Board, 20"x16"

I really like the way it turned out, and I think that this painting really pushed me into some new territory technically....still trying to find that balance between "loose" painting style and "tight" draftsmanship...

The 4 other pieces in the show are a mixture of things I have shown before, like the Devil and the Broken Man, and the Birdman and the Magic Cow...but I polished up some newer pieces that seemed ready to be shown, like Revenger Monkey:

Revenger Monkey
Acrylic on Canvas, 20"x16"

Revenger Monkey was part of my villainous monkeys series...I guess I see him as an evil Revenger seemed like the proper title...he also owes a good deal to the Penguin, I suppose.

Kung Fu Monkey
Acrylic on Canvas 16"x20"

I don't know why this painting has been so hard to's not particularly glossy in real life...anyway, what more explanation do you need? Its a Kung Fu Monkey...KUNG FU-CHOP!

Aside from the prep for Beautiful Minds this week, I have moved a bit closer to a final redesign for Evil Dead:

If you can read a floorplan, you will recognize that I have flipped the location of the kitchen and the trap door from the DCAC version...also, due to sight line issues, I am putting the kitchen on the "ground floor"...much like a cabin that has a sunken living area...I suppose you see that in larger "lodges" (rather than smaller cabins) and also you would likely see it on cabins built on the sides of steep hills...Anyway, its going to be somewhat different than the 2009 DCAC version, but that's okay, right?


Talia said...

Is the beautiful minds show still on or was it for Yards Park opening only?

Jared said...


I am afraid that it was only for the one weekend... :(