Thursday, March 11, 2010


The flyers from Yuri's Night have arrived! Thanks to the stellar effort of Alan Defibaugh, or designer, for getting all that text into one slick package! We do have lots of stuff going on at this party, just check out the back of the flyer:

So, look for these around town....and buy your tickets today!

Countdown to Yuri's Night
T-Minus 30 days(!)

The other big news this week was the announcement of the rescheduled IT'S ELECTRIC show at the Electric Maid in Takoma Park. Since we were snowed out the first time, we have had to reschedule for Saturday March 20th. In anticipation of the re-opening, I have started to create some new black velvet robot paintings...

Black Velvet Robot, Red
Acrylic on Black Velvet, 8"x10"

Also, this week I will start working on the backdrop for Illuminopolis, the light inspired burlesque extravaganza presented by Yuri's Night performers Miss Joule and Malibu. You can get tickets and info here.

Illuminopolis backdrop sketch
Pencil and photoshop

See you next week when I will have more robot paintings for IT'S ELECTRIC, as well as photos of the finished Illuminopolis drop...

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