Saturday, March 20, 2010


Check out WIRED.COM's Coverage of COUNTDOWN TO YURI'S NIGHT 2010! Click HERE or the screenshot below to be taken to the article directly

Big shout outs to all of the artists profiled! They even quoted me!

...The show brings together Pop-Surrealism, Post-Pop and Lowbrow stylists who “frequently and freely embrace the imagery of science fiction and mid-century tropes,” according to Countdown lead organizer Jared Davis. “Countdown to Yuri’s Night is an excellent excuse to feature their more sci-fi inspired work.

“Whether it’s Scott Brooks’ nightmare vision of a future where Cupie-doll robots battle for Thorazine, Steve Strawn’s photo journalism from the great robot wars or Sherill Anne Gross’ green pinup girls, they all create a vision of the future of humankind in space. Whether it’s an accurate prediction is beside the point — what matters is that they are having the conversation and leaving room for any one of a million possible futures.”

Like I have said before, this show will sell out, get your tickets now at

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