Thursday, February 25, 2010

44 Days left in the Yuri's Night Countdown...

T-Minus 44 Days Until Yuri's Night

We have had another breakneck week with Yuri's Night...but I wont bore you with details...I'll wait until March 10th for that (one month to go by then)...The only thing I will say is that you better get your tickets now because we are likely to sell out (plus you will save $ if you don't try to buy them at the door...) Click on the Yuri Logo above to get linked to the party website

High Fidelity has been open for a week, and the reviews are good! Check out DC Theatre Scene's review of High Fidelity or the fact that Metro Weekly Calls my set "...Incredibly Clever..." Scenery Appreciation Night is still set for this Saturday 2/27...but I think that the show might be sold out!

We completed the Producer's "Little Old Lady Land" drop this are some tease shots from the completed drop (the producer said that I shouldn't post the finished product on my by giving you a peek I am being naughty)

Roosevelt smiles down on the old ladies...

...And it looks like Estelle McSherry is in for $50,000.00!

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