Thursday, November 12, 2009

Halloween Aftermath, and REEFER MADNESS white model

I would say that I am mostly recovered from the Halloween party. Its been a week and a half, and the house is 90% back to normal...Most of you are Facebook friends with me, (if you aren't, then what are you waiting for?) so you have probably seen most of the party photos there. But in case you haven't seen them, I have re-posted some of them here:

Photo taken from the upstairs porch of the Kraken at the end of the night...

Fishing for Booty...

When the cops showed up...SYKE! its just our neighbor (who is really a cop...)

Audrey shows her assets to the angler fish...

The Deep Sea Diver and Vampirate are unafraid of the scary clowns!
(okay, perhaps just a little)

So, once and for all, THANK YOU to all those who attended. It was a really great party, and I cant wait to do it all again next year!

Since there is no rest for the wicked, the strike for Evil Dead was scheduled for the day after the Spooktacular...It was rough (Mad props go out to Pete the Spyder!) but we commemorate the strike, here's a picture of the deadites being sucked back into the hell from whence they came:

Photo Credit: Amanda Williams

Also, since I didn't blog last week, I can report that Hope Operas is now in the history books! It was a really great series for lots of great causes, and it seems that it had some big, Fred Schneider of the B-52's...

I have also made significant progress on the design for Reefer Madness the Musical. This show's design process has been more about model making than drawing so far, so what I have to show you are a couple of shots of the white model in its very early stages:

Reefer Madness White Model
Paper, Foamcore, Mixed Media 1/4"=1'

The base set for the show consists of luan borders that are painted like 1930's anti-marijuana propaganda. There is a projection screen above the band USR that is masked out to look like its the smoke from the giant doobie on SR. (the band is roughly represented in purple) The rest of the set pieces will roll on and off from the wings. One element I am particularly excited about is the giant Tiki/Hooka that will be used for the orgy scene:

Orgy scene set piece, Tiki/Hooka.

The full cast is on during this scene, so I have added six hoses for them to dance with. The tiki will have smoke coming out of his nose and mouth, a silk flamepot on top and with have an articulated mouth so he can sing the chorus.

I should have the design finalized right after Thanksgiving, so stay tuned!

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