Thursday, October 01, 2009


Evil Dead opens for previews in Frederick MD this weekend...Three Performances, one Friday and two Saturday...get your info here

The challenge of this past week was getting the painting done for Evil Dead. I wasn't able to get a shot of the paint job with the set fully assembled, but you can get the idea from the photo below (if you want to see the complete paint job, you will just have to come see the show!)

"Rustic cabin" enough for ya?
After painting was complete, we needed to load the thing up into three pickup trucks and a small lawn mower trailer, and cart it up to Frederick. Aside for a little rain that melted some of the paint, the load in went pretty smoothly. I haven't been back for dress rehearsals yet, but I hear that all of the SFX work is coming along smoothly...I'll post some pics once they become available.

I am working on a last minute addition to the set for the finale...any aficionado of the Evil Dead trilogy will recognize this:

Press has been ramping up steadily, as have ticket sales. We received a preemptive shout out from (what's more unusual is that Jared and the set get a shout out too!) Check it Here UPDATE: Evil Dead was also mentioned by the Washington Post's Going out Gurus

I will likely have photos of Evil Dead in the DCAC next week...I want to get good photos of it during dress rehearsals, before its covered in a months worth of blood!

The other big development this week is that we are exactly ONE MONTH away from Spooktacular X: X Marks the Spot! Which means for a lucky few of you, you will be receiving an Evite invitation. One of the special things that we are doing this year is making T-shirts to commemorate the occasion (the original 2003 spooktacular shirts with the Ouija board were wildly popular, and you can occasionally see some OG's wearing them...Holla!) So, I have been working on the new design this week...

Design for Spooktacular X: X Marks the Spot (2009)
Pencil and Photoshop 8.5"x11"

I wanted to follow the original Ouija design and feel. So, its going to be white printed on the back of a black tee with all of the elements of the party incorporated...this time as a pirate map...I'm not finished with the design 100% because I am going to be adding some secrets that will only be revealed at the party...but if you would like to order one for yourself, you can go Here (just be sure you order before October 12th!)


Anonymous said...

what is on the front of the shirt? Map on the back, and blank front? Jei

Jared said...

Yep, that's the thought...Blank front, just like the originals. That way you can wear it as a black T-shirt if you have something else on...There have been discussions about a small "Spooktaular X" on the front, but I don't think we will go that route...