Thursday, August 13, 2009


That's right folks, the kid is back! And he's paintin' monkeys! Its been a long time coming (LEECH!, the last formal painting, excluding the cut luan installation I created for Artomatic, was finished in December of 2008!) and it feels great to get the little buggers out of my head on on to the canvas. Without further adieu, I present the first in a series (I hope) of new monkey paintings:

Acrylic on Board, 16"x20"
(as always, click on the photo for larger view)

I think I will be working on a few more of these daredevil monkeys in the near this space...

The other events of this past week largely revolve around Landless' announcement of the 2009-2010 season: "Season of the Damned"

Directed by Melissa Baughman
Choreography by Karissa Swanigan
Frederick Preview: October 2 and 3
Shows: October 9 - Nov 8 (16)
Shows: Dec. 11, 12, 18, 19, 26 and Jan 1
FREDERICK SHOWS: January 8 and 9

Frederick Preview: Feb. 12 and 13
Shows: Feb 18 - Mar 14

Frederick Preview: April 30 and May 1
Shows: May 7-June 3 (16)
Frederick Preview: July 2 and 3

Of course this announcement comes directly on the heels of the FringeNYC production of
Diamond Dead!
If Aria is this stoked about performing in a tent, then I cant wait to see them in NYC!!!!
Oh, and check out this may be instrumental in planning your FringeNYC itinerary...

But what the announcement of "season of the damned" really means is that we are actually going to be doing these I have made myself useful this week and I have made scale drawings of the DCAC space, and some accompanying "stitched" photos to use for designing purposes:
Scale Floorplan...

Stitched photo of stage from House Left...

Stitched photo from House Right...

Of course all of this preparation is really for EVIL DEAD the MUSICAL...which I sent along a preliminary sketch of this week:

Preliminary Sketch for EVIL DEAD the MUSICAL
Landless Theatre Company

Boy this was an active week! I should also mention that we saw the opening of a new wine bar on 10th street called Room 11, we are all very excited about it!
New tile floor in Room 11

When I was not swilling wine this week, it seemed like I was at a production meeting...the first one was for the upcoming Dominion Stage show, REEFER MADNESS
"What? Jared is designing the set for REEFER MADNESS? I wonder if I can get invited to one of his 'research' parties..."

The other production meeting this week was for SPOOKTACULAR X. Those of you who have been around the block a few times know that Artbyjared Labs (Team Spooktacular? whatever we call ourselves...) throw a kick ass Halloween party every year...well we pinned down a theme for this years shin-dig: X Marks the Spot! "Wha?" you may be saying to yourself...Well, this is our tenth Halloween party in we decided to celebrate the decade by using the roman numeral X as our jumping off start thinking about those costumes...keep an eye out for anything that sorta says "treasure hunter, sleuth, pirate, or squirrel..." (but, like an evil squirrel...)


Ally said...

Your photos of DCAC make it look so large and inviting! Impressive. :)

Jared said...

Yeah, well you just wait to see the model I am starting today...the DCAC is so small, that I am going to be able to build it in 1"=1' scale! Anyone know of a place where I can get 6" tall GI-Joes? (preferably Zartan, because he looks like a zombie...)