Thursday, June 04, 2009

WAPO Artomatic Article and Spooky Dog opens FRIDAY

Artomatic opened last weekend... you can get a sense of what kind of evening that was from the only acceptable photo in my camera:

JD, Chris Bishop, Scott Brooks and KT at Artomatic opening night

But the real news is that the Washington Post published an article today (Friday, June 5) that mentions Jared in Uber-collector Phillip Barlow's unofficial roundup of artists he likes at Artomatic. You can read the whole article, HERE.

The other big news of the day is that Spooky Dog and the Teenage Mysteries opens tonight at the DCAC! I got a chance to take some shots at last nights final dress rehearsal...

"What? this is parody, you cant sue us!"

The set without pesky actors...The "Clue Caravan"

I like this shot because it seems to be from "Scraggly's" point of view...

Spooky solves another mystery!

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