Thursday, May 21, 2009

Spooky Dog set finished...still need to start on Artomatic!

This week just few by because I concentrated solely on the construction and painting for Spooky Dog and the Teenage Gang Mysteries...which opens in previews this Friday and Saturday in Frederick (check out this sweet preview report from the Gazette) Spooky Dog will open at the DCAC in Adams Morgan on June 5th. Check out Landless' homepage for more details...and stay tuned to BTT blog for upcoming "scenery appreciation nights" (and the discounts that come with membership in the Artbyjared fan club...)

Suggestive Hot Dog stand...(and hidden ABJ logo reference!)

The whole set setup in the scene shop...

Detail of the main drop
Acrylic on Velour, 12'x8'

I'm off to try to make something for artomatic...

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