Thursday, January 15, 2009

This time next week, we'll be History!

Well, It was a quiet week in Lake Woebegone....

Actually, the pace has picked up considerably lately, largely due to the impending inauguration...I was able to build, paint and install the Obama Wonderama scenery (again, its actually going to be used all weekend, for four different events at the Warehouse...Saturday-Washington Film Institutes's Pre-Inaugural Ball...Sunday-Obama Wonderama...Monday-Private Event...Tuesday-Art of Change) But unfortunately for you loyal BTT readers, all I have to show you is a crappy cell phone photo of the results:

Obama Wonderama Scenery @ Warehouse Theater

This photo doesn't do the stuff you'll just have to see for yourselves (and I trust that someone will take a good picture over the course of the weekend, right?)
The much more cute crappy camera-phone photo is the one of my poor Isuzu, trying really hard to get into the spirit of its adopted homeland:

The other progress report this week is for Follies. I started to put the ideas down onto paper, and had a "first draft meeting" with the director. He was receptive to most of my ideas, and had plenty of constructive ideas on how to make the whole thing flow a lot better.

Follies "Act I" First Sketch
Pencil and Photoshop 1/8"=1'

Follies "Act II" First Sketch
Pencil and Photoshop 1/8"=1'

This show is going to be a colossal undertaking for TAP...and it still wont get me a WATCH Award nomination!

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