Friday, August 29, 2008

PLANET ARLINGTON, or the reason I never get labor day off...

I finally got finished with the Planet Arlington World Playground backdrops, just in time for their big debut tomorrow! I had some technical issues with the paper sticking to the back (I thought I had the problem licked, but it still occasionally comes back to bite me in the ass) but other than that I think that they will look great! Hopefully they will be able to brighten the atmosphere at the festival...seeing as the weather is predicted to be a wet half hearted rain all day...

World Playground drops on the shop floor

Planet Arlington represents one more piece of the scheduling puzzle being knocked down, so I can concentrate on the other big looming Forum...

Painters Elevation for Funny...Forum
11" x 27" Watercolor on Paper

Completing the painters elevation was a huge step for Forum last week. I am now able to give direction to my (quite small and ever changing) painting minions. Next week should be the big, final push for painting the show. (we load into the theater on September 11th)

Progress has been made from last weeks photo...

And Lastly, this week I was only able to produce two more small velvet paintings (so I am a tad behind schedule for filling up a whole tent...but I always have Mr. TIKIHEAD to fall back on!) Also, I am learning more and more with each velvet painting I make...For example, this week I learned that painting sexy babes on velvet is really cool, but also that the faces are really hard to do on such a small scale...I have gotten a really high quality velvet, so the nap is very tight...but on a face that is the size of a quarter, each stroke is highly visible (and you cant make any mistakes with velvet...because you cant just repaint a section that has been "soiled" with paint!) I intend to paint more Space babes and Tiki babes...but on larger canvases...

Space Babe 1
Acrylic on Velvet 8" x 10"

Tiki Babe 1
Acrylic on Velvet 8" x 10"

I have a larger still life in the works this week...which may or may not be finished by next posting (I am learning a great deal from this one too)

Just a quick mention of some stuff on the horizon...I had the first production meeting for President Harding is a Rock Star this designs for that are coming up soon...and I have been talking with Trixie and Monkey about designing scenery for their upcoming (perhaps traveling show), codenamed "Mumbo"... I am totally psyched about that project...I just hope I can squeeze it in between all the other stuff between now and...does it ever really end...?

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