Thursday, August 07, 2008

Evil GO GO...and Popcorn Monkeys...

The All Arlington Salon was a huge success. I am told that there was a record number of people in attendance at the Ellipse on Thursday night. Unfortunately, that was also the night that DC said good bye to Candy Keegan...she leaves for a cushy job in Buffalo NY, and we wish her all the best...she says she will keep up with here blog, so she will never be far away. Another record was set that night...I was able to get four people in the cab of my truck, a personal best.

Struck has now been Struck from the Warehouse. The Mermaid Misting tent backdrop is back in Baltimore, getting ready for its second year at the Virgin Festival (if anyone sees it this weekend, please send me your pictures! Last years photos were kinda... foggy)

So, enough of the past, let us look to the future! This Saturday the Evil Come Evil Go Go Show will be at the Palace of Wonders. I have been working hard to find a suitable backdrop for the undressed undead, and I hope that they like the cemetery portal I have made for them:

Cemetery Portal Evil Come Evil Go Go Show
Painted, Cut Velour, 8'x8'

I have flameproofed the heck out of this someone better be playing with fire on Saturday night!

The other thing that has been occupying my time lately is, well, painting. I have been making an effort to get some new paintings started in order to have something to show in my tent on Adams Morgan Day (Sunday, September 14th) I decided I needed to start somewhere, so Monkeys are as good a place as any!

In order to get things going, I started (for a change) with the setting the monkeys would inhabit in the painting. I like the idea of monkeys going crazy in a movie concessions stand, so i did the watercolor above.
Here is the first refinement of that original idea. I decided that small monkeys terrorizing a poor usher was better closeup, so I tightened the focus of the composition...suddenly the picture became about the unholy union of Monkeys and Popcorn... Another change from my normal technique is that I am not cutting and pasting any paper so has been a challenge for me to not use paper, because I find it makes the composition much more deliberate. But I am trying to embrace the idea that the picture can evolve during its making, instead of having such a rigid structure of cut paper...Here's a detail of the first (fleshed out) monkey:

Lastly, I want to make sure you all know about the annual YARD SALE we are having this Sunday...You can get all of the deets Here at PetworthNEWS!

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