Thursday, July 24, 2008


That's right folks, STRUCK opens tomorrow! I hope you have all had the presence of mind to purchase tickets to the DIAMOND DEAD show afterwards...I was told just an hour or so ago that there were only 20 seats left! So get them HERE...but hey, if you don't get tickets, still come out and see me...I'll be upstairs in the "reception gallery" knocking back some brews and serving up some munchies! (There will even be a "opening night exclusive" installation of even more scenery that has been rescued from the dumpsters...but I'm not posting any pictures of it, because its a surprise!)

Now, on to the rest of the weeks news: Last Thursday I had the great fortune to see Lloyd Kaufman, (pictured below) Director of Poultrygiest: Night of the Chicken Dead, speak after a screening of the movie.

It was one of the best Troma movies I have ever seen...(and actually the only Troma movie I have ever seen on the big screen) and Lloyd's talk was really inspiring. He is a big advocate of alternative media and free speech (well, duh) and made many good points about the direction of the movie industry and "big media's" attempts to control the Internet (via blocking Net Neutrality) and distribution channels. I cant wait until they release Poultrygeist on DVD, so I can show my friends all of the hidden subtexts and layered meanings in this masterpiece...

Here's one more production photo, just to illustrate the awesomeness of this movie...

On Friday I had dinner at an Asian place on H St. NW with a few friends...and the rest of the weekend I was down for the count with some kinda bug...just a bit of advice...

I still managed to get in to work and design Lycus' house for Funny...Forum:
Lycus' House Drafting, Funny...Forum

And just yesterday Cultural Affairs asked me if I would paint a backdrop for the World Playground Stage for Planet Arlington...I just have to have it finished by August 30th...Below is the first sketch helping describe the dimensions and orientation of the backdrops

Planet Arlington World Playground Stage Sketch
Pencil, Vectorworks, Photoshop

Next week I will post photos of the STRUCK opening (become famous, get on the web, if you come I'll take pictures of you at the show and post them here on BTT!!! you wont even need to get naked to get on the web! whatta deal!) and I will be rolling out the official announcement of the new and improved Dr. Sketchys at the Palace of Wonders in August!

See you at the opening!

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