Thursday, July 31, 2008

Striking STRUCK and DR SKETCHY'S!!!

That's right folks, without even time to let the body get cold, we are on to another adventure! Sunday August 17th at the Palace of Wonders, I (taking on the persona of the Rev. Loveseat) will be hosting a Dr. Sketchy's! For those of you not familiar with the concept, Dr Sketchy's is basically figure drawing class, but at the bar, with burlesque dancers. (it was started by Molly Crabapple, and you can get a good idea of the worldwide movement that it has become here And you can see the last time I hosted one of these at Art in Heat, Here) I have all sorts of competitions and drinking games and artistic challenges in store! The model will be the lovely L'il Dutch, and (fingers crossed) a few other gals who have agreed to take off their clothes for you poseurs in should be a night to remember (and you will have lots of sketches to remember it by!)

The "opening night" for Struck was a huge success, and I would like to extend my gratitude to those who were able to come out and make it such a special evening for me. Unfortunately the picture taking was done in the last 20 minutes of the opening, so lots of people are not represented in this roundup (and the photography suffers a bit from the drunkenness of the apologies)

Showgirls showing people the way upstairs to the party!Chris, Meaghan, Me, part of KT, Mike and Scott
Jei and Brian "the pocketwatch" Spatola
Todd, trying to give peace a chance with Kim Jong Il
And Pete the Spyder, perhaps just a bit too excited to be at the show...

...or just really jazzed that Diamond Dead won best Best Musical at Capital Fringe 2008! CONGRATS GUYS!

In fact, if you missed any of these award winning performances, you will have a second chance to see this amazing show. Landless will announce, very soon, its 2008-2009 season...and my sources in Washington (I just love to say that) say that they will be remounting Diamond Dead as a late night show around Halloween! THESE WILL SELL OUT, so be on the lookout for the inside scoop here at BTT.

In other news, the final designs for Planet Arlington's World Playground stage backdrops have been green lighted, so look for progress photos in the coming weeks (in fact August 30th gives me precisely 30 days to complete this! Yikes!) and, it turns out, I will, in fact, be Stage Managing this festivals Mainstage. (this is a first for me. I have never stage managed anything that was attend by more than 700 people...its going to be five acts, and over 10,000 people! Double Yikes!)
Oh, and lastly, come on out to the Ellipse TONIGHT, to see the All Arlington Salon. It may be your last chance to see the Ellipse Gallery...he said cryptically....

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