Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A sexy logo, DIAMOND DEAD skulls & I have a solo show! (sorta)

Do you ever say to yourself, "I wish there were a embarrassment free way to buy condoms"?...well fear not, the good people at Sex Machine Vending are coming to your rescue. They have recently contracted me to take a whack at designing a logo for their upcoming line of condom vending machines. This logo will not only be on the machines (and the letterhead and t-shirts and whatnot) but it will be on the boxes too...(I know my, er, chest will swell with pride every time I see the logo on the box, just before I use their product!) Anyway, my task is actually to revamp the existing logo, which is a punk rock girl straddling a (oddly) downward flying rocket...So, the first line of reasoning I went through was to try to rework the, er, symbolism of the logo, and focus more on the name of the's the first greenlighted sketch:
Sex Machine Vending Logo Sketch
Pencil on paper, 6"x8"

That's right, I went the sexy android route...Ive sold them on the concept, now I have to do the heavy lifting of finding the right pose and style (and probably reintroduce the rocket...but perhaps in a more subtle role) So, as this project progresses, I will be posting updates...I figure you will probably be finding these in your neighborhood bar sometime this Fall...

Progress on DIAMOND DEAD has moved of publication of this post I have completed the two front "skull" draperies in last weeks design:
Stage Right Skull, DIAMOND DEAD DC FRINGE 2008
Acrylic on Black Velour, 8'x12'Stage Left Skull, DIAMOND DEAD DC FRINGE 2008
Acrylic on Black Velour, 8'x12'

These have been really fun to paint, but I confess, that the time frame is really quick (even for me) because we are loading the show in on Saturday! I still have two more to paint (the devil and the skull-Elvis in the upstage part of the design) and I will be rushing because of the fourth of July Holiday...I also made progress on the only piece of carpentry in the show, the 12 foot high coffin entrance:
Coffin Entrance, DIAMOND DEAD DC FRINGE 2008
Wood, 12'x5'

This is shown laying on its side, and partially folded...I made it hinge so that it could be stored easier at the Warehouse, because there are a zillion other groups performing at DC Fringe, and they all need to store scenery too...

The last bit of news may be the biggest. I am going to have a solo show. Well, sorta. Molly Ruppert called and asked if I wanted to have an art show in the Warehouse during Fringe. Of course I said yes (even though I am neck deep in building stuff for fringe and all of my current inventory of work has been depleted by Art-o-Matic...) So I am going to install a "retrospective" of scenery that I have painted for Burlesque events over the years. So, its kinda a solo show, kinda a retrospective, kinda scenic painting samples...What I need to do is come up with a snappy title for the show and send out invites for an "opening" week...

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