Thursday, June 26, 2008


Yay, June is almost over. Now that I have all of the weddings out of the way I can get down to business. The first item on the agenda is DIAMOND DEAD, the Landless Theater's offering to the Capitol Fringe Festival. Its a heartwarming tale of a heavy metal band that gets killed and they come back to life as zombies that jus wanna ROCK! (Originally conceived by George Romero, of the original Night of the Living Dead fame...but he doesn't have the balls to bring it to the DC stage the way Landless does!)

Anyway, I finished the design for the show yesterday. First I started with a perspective drawing of the Warehouse Theater:

Warehouse Theater Perspective Drawing
Pencil and Photoshop

And then I added scenery to this drawing...
First Draft Set Design for DIAMOND DEAD
Pencil and Photoshop

This Drawing show the black velour drapery that I am going to paint with "day of the dead-esque" motifs (what is depicted is not exactly what I will paint, but more of a road map) going around the perimeter of the acting area. The drummer sits underneath the projection screen (there happens to be LOTS of projection in this show...) and the band will enter from the ceremonial "coffin" entrance on USR...

All in all I am pleased with the design thus far. I am looking forward to painting on black velvet on such a large scale, however the turn around will be quick because I will need to load the show into the warehouse on the 6th of July! (any of you BTT readers out there that wanna help paint some really friggin big velvet paintings, just drop me a line!)

In other news, I had the first production meeting for The Arlington Players, Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum this past Tuesday. I will be posting sketches and whatnot as the design will have some time to get tickets, it opens September 19...

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