Thursday, June 19, 2008

Debbie Photos, Collectors and Dial "P"

The long anticipated photos from Debbie Does Dallas the Musical are here!

A cast photo with Karissa Swanigan (top row, second from right) who was profiled in DC theater Scene as the #2 scene stealer of the spring!
Debbie Does Dallas the Musical Scenery, DCAC
The girls practice some cheers before the house opens...

The other big news this week was the closing of Artomatic. It was a really great year, and I am proud to have been a part of it...and I cant wait till next year! Thanks again to everyone who bought something, or came out to support this great show...

June is my least favorite month of the year. I have been feeling really unsettled all month, mostly because I have been away every other weekend attending weddings. This has been particularly bad for my creative productivity...I was explaining to KT the other day that painting is a lot like cooking. Many of the tools are the same, and also the process is too. If you bake a cake (or a souffle, which is probably a more apt metaphor) you need to pull it out of the oven at a certain time. Or, conversely, you cant just crack some eggs and leave them in a bowl for a few weeks...which is what I have been doing lately, letting projects left on "simmer" spoil...Anyway, this weekend, I am off to the last wedding of the season!

Speaking of projects, I ran into a collector recently, who told me that she has lots of my work at her office, and that I should come up and take a look at what she has done...perhaps I will get inspired enough to paint her something just for that space...check out the my photos of her office:
Mercury's Office (she keeps her desk much cleaner than mine...Check out the Tiki's everywhere...and the five lava lamps!)
Her collection of Jared Davis originals...I think she may hold a record!
So, I think I have some good ideas for a larger painting that might even be thematic for the type of work she does in her office...stay tuned.

Another thing I will tease you all with is the a prospective commission for a vending machine logo...its all very preliminary, but when it blows up, y'all be the first to know!

Lastly, I did not have enough time this week to execute the Evil Come Evil Go Go Show's you will just have to wait until next month for that. BUT you can still see my skeleton showgirls at the Palace this Friday!

And on Sunday don't miss Trixie and Monkey (and friends) as they bring to the Dial "P" for Pasties to the Birchmere this Sunday (still featuring some of my film noir-esque scenery from the original production)


LivitLuvit said...

I saw the Dial 'P' for Pasties show last night. The whole show was great, but when the narrator emerged as "Cousin Rooster" and delved into his ballad of bestiality, I could hardly breathe from laughing so hard! What a fantastic Sunday night.

Jared said...

Isn't it a great show? I really think that T&M have their "A" game together with this show...wish I coulda seen it!