Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Moe Monkey...and Debbie's Done

So this week has been one of those "lots happened, but little was done" kinda weeks. It started well enough, with this painting:

ID Check 2008
Acrylic on Board, 8"x10"

This is a painting that I am using as a sketch for a larger piece, so it really just illustrates one scene within a larger composition. (BTW, is this image really dark on your computer too? I uploaded it directly to blogger from my home laptop, and it looks really dark on my CRT monitor at work...I have had similar problems in the past...does anyone know how to calibrate between the two machines? It would seem that the laptop is really hard to judge by since the angle of the screen widely varies the saturation and brightness of the image...Anyway, the painting is pretty dark, but not this dark) I will be posting more of these as they come along, and hopefully share with you the final composition before Hot Rod Hula Hop IV!

I recharged the batteries during Memorial Day out in Sperryville VA. It was nice to get out of the city and see friends in a non urban context...that is, until my allergies started making me uncomfortable (which hardly ever happens...probably just some particular species of tree out there in full on pollen mode...) Still, it was good to see Amy and Mark out of the Dutch Oven context...

Also had a Diamond Dead production meeting with Landless Theater. This is going to be their offering for the DC Fringe Festival at the Warehouse. Below is the unofficial logo of the band in the show:
It should be a pretty cool show...I like the warehouse, and I have lots of artistic possibilities with this show...it may allow me to get in touch with my inner Julian Schnabel...(more on that in June)

A good portion of the week was taken up with filling out a grant application for the DCCAH...I'll let you know if I get it.

And Lastly, I have all but finished the set for Debbie Does Dallas the Musical. I will leave you with a photo of the 99% complete set in the scene shop, awaiting transport to the DCAC:
Components of the set for Debbie Does Dallas the Musical before load in on Sunday

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