Saturday, April 19, 2008

Yuri's Night 08 | World Space Party PHOTOS!

Thanks to everyone who came out to Yuri's Night 2008 at Art Whino in Alexandria!!! We all had a great time, and it shows in the pictures:
As promised, the final result for the Neptune Bar
Chris Bishop and Cosmonaut Jared are "thumbs up" for launch!
Dustin, Kirstra and Lindsay all enjoying the Venus bar
Gary Gutter and Lil' Dutch take in the moonlight (or should I say moonshine)
At one point we were boarded by imperial troops under the command of Lord Vader...fortunately, we were able to get some of our droids into escape pods...

Master Uranus chats up the tin foil dress twins and an actual astrophysicist, Ethan
Cosmonaut Jared enjoys a coke with Mouaz (I just hope they have air conditioning in space)
Some of the Gilded Lilly gals showing off future fashions
Vulcan gang signs by petty officer Weldon, Mrs Saturn and Mab
KT and Scott Brooks (six eyes between them!)
Kirstra and Jaya on Mars
Ellen, KT's Mom wondering how Barbarella keeps her hair perfect in space...
Flash, Booger and Red Vinyl spacebabe
Scott molts, Robert is amazed
Master Uranus and KT
Kirstra and Sara...frustrated cigarette girls, because in space, no one can hear you smoke...
KT letting you know that in the future the silver sequin will be a precious metal
Miss Saturn and an audience assistant
KT's Dad trying to keep cool in the hullabaloo
Mike proves to Alan that being probed by an alien isn't all bad
These red Ikea chairs became sentient during the party...they are plotting our demise!
DJ Red Pancho Space Bear keeps Flash Gordon and the space tunes spinnin' in the Mars room
Petty Officer Weldon and First Mate Heidi keep order in the transporter room
Yes, we sold lots of tickets...
Bambi and Paco keep it surreal on the dance floor
They never knew it was coming!
Shane admits he may have a drinking problem...
The jump to hyperspace was unexpected at the Neptune bar...
Mr. Moccasin sets up to play
Spacebabe Queonna is happy to keep you hydrated during the flight!

Thanks again to everyone who made this party possible...Please send me any and all photos that you have of the party! See you next year...T Minus 358 days and counting!

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Sara Habich said...

It was so fun - and great pictures!