Thursday, March 27, 2008

T-Minus 16 days and counting to YURI'S NIGHT 2008!

What you, the loyal readers of Between The Tines, deserve is more "inside scoop" reporting. So here, exclusively to BTT, is the floorplan for Yuri's Night 2008 at Art Whino:
Yuri's Night Party Floorplan
Photoshop and Vectorworks 12

The event is going to have one bar in each "room", one for every drink concoction that Stoli will be serving up. We are themeing them as three of our favorite planets, Mars, Venus, and Neptune. I have been working on fabricating "signs" to go behind each of the bars...below is the sketch for the "Venus bar".Venus Bar Sketch
Yuri's Night 2008, Pencil & Photoshop

Below is an aborted sketch of the Mars Bar. I was hoping to contrast the girlyness of the Venus bar with a more masculine theme, after all, Men are from Mars and Women are...

Sketch for Mars Bar
Yuri's Night 2008, Pencil and Photoshop

I thought that it would work out that he could be the god of war (the shield and spear are what are represented in the mars symbol) and still be a "little green man from mars"...what he wound up being was He-Man. So, I have tabled that line of reasoning for now, and am working on a new sketch for Mars...perhaps more on that next week.

Please get your tickets early to this show...we are actually a bit afraid that we will have a large mob at the show, because of all the positive feedback we have been getting. So, be sure to go to:

to get your tickets today!

You can also always visit, to get the scoop about all 119 (and counting) parties across the globe!


Natasha said...

wow, I love Mars.

Jared said...

Thanks natasha, I still think I will go in a different direction for mars. Since this is "theatrical party decor", I think I need to capitalize on the quick and dirty symbolism that Mars has been associated with in Science Fiction art. Which means little green men, not big green gods...
If you are responding to the hunkyness of Mars, do not fear, I still have Neptune...