Thursday, March 13, 2008


So I am back. The plane didnt crash (either way across the pond) and I would go right back if I could! Except for the very weak dollar, and some weather, the entire experience was perfect. I took LOTS of photos, so what follows is just a few of the highlights...(most of the photos were of artwork or architecture, which is great, but what you really want to see is pictures of me, KT, Scott and Mike having fun, right?)
For starters, I went a bit fresco crazy!Myself, KT and Mike making our way around Florence (thats a building designed by Brunelleschi at the end of the street)Me atop the belltower at Santa Maria del Fiore (its casting a shadow on the dome...)
Scott sips the vino whilst I flaunt federal law by smoking a Cubano on our rooftop terrace in RomeOne of the big reasons for the trip was to support Scott's show at Mondo Bizzarro Gallery in Rome. The event was hosted by Billy Shire Fine Arts. These are the artists that made it to Rome. Glenn Barr, Billy Shire, Daniel Martin Diaz, Annie Adjchavanich, Bob Dob, and Scott Brooks.

A 30+ year old flower with a 2000+ year old flower in the Roman Forum
Speaking of the Forum, here is the bellybutton of the world. The point where all distances were measured in Ancient Rome...basically the center of the universe!
Part of Rubens' take on Romulus and Remus (the origins of Rome) They let you take pictures inside many of the museums in Rome! This painting is in the Capitoline...Also in the Capitoline, a fountian dedicated to a river god.
My watercolor sketch of the same...
Whilst in Venice, KT dragged us to the Casino. They made us wear jackets...and we look good, dammit!

There are LOTS more pictures, but your just going to have to beg me personally to see them all...

Next week, a full update on Yuri's Night...(but first I'll give you a sneak preview of where to buy your tickets early:

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