Friday, February 08, 2008


Here's a initial concept I have been kicking around for the "buzz" postcard. It takes the original Yuri's Night logo and just tweaks it slightly with the kiss on the cheek. It hopefully signals that there will be some burlesque silliness as well as hard core space content at the party. I wanted it to reflect the constructivist, communist propaganda posters (I am having trouble finding a good font for that BTW) which I think this gets mostly right. The kiss on the cheek is the sort of thing that would be in such posters, as in, "a kiss goodbye from some sweet earthbound peasant girl that our victorious cosmonaut will cherish as he subjects his body to the ravages of spaceflight!"...hopefully the same sentiment will stir in the loins of anyone who sees this propaganda, and they will consider making April 12, 2008, their date with destiny!

The other news of the week was the Clarendon Mardi Gras. I helped construct the float, which was designed by Richard Thompson. I constructed the cityscape that is at the bottom of his design of the flyer:I have some pics from my crappy camera, but Richard has much better ones on his blog cul de sac.That is the only picture of me from the whole parade (Im sorry to the photographer, I don't remember where I got the pic from) and I'm not even looking at the camera! Oh well, at least I got another use out of my luchador mask!

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