Thursday, November 15, 2007

A week of recovery

Turns out that this week has been very quiet. I don't think I have fired a single shot in anger (artistically and metaphorically speaking) all week. I will run down the high points...Attended the first Yuri's Night involvement in the larger party is still in question (meaning I may do my own party...more boobies, less science!)...Friday I was the "Red King" and nearly was assaulted by a drunken Chinaman...drank too many beers and ate too many hot dogs and watched too much "word girl" at Kirstras...found out that Amy helps manage "word girl"...was Slobbolicious...and had the first production meeting for A Very Merry Unauthorized Scientology Pageant. That has been pretty much I will leave you with a tease from the research I started for Pageant as the photo this week:

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