Thursday, November 29, 2007

Catching up with photos, and PAGEANT Design

Thanksgiving went pretty much without a hitch. I have been gearing up for the next surge of projects, so I took part of this week to photograph some stuff I haven't had time to (or forgot to) for the olde portfolio
First, a stencil print I did for Hukilau 2007. Its a print version of "the projectionist" (still about 6 left in the Edition)The other big stencil print from Hukilau, "Seeing Things". The first one in this edition is in the collection of Suburban Hipster...This is a foray into the world of oil paint. I set up an easel on my porch and painted "al fresco"...its really just a start, but I haven't the heart to set this up indoors now that the weather has turned cold.
This is the freshest of the artwork shown here. It called "a woman scorned", its 5"x7". It represents a new technique I am working on that gives me a hard edge as well as thick paint...hopefully it will lead to some exciting new directions for my work.

Lastly, I want to share with you the design for "A Very Merry Unauthorized Children's Scientology Pageant", fresh off of the drafting table today. I'll get to work soon on it, so you'll get production photos of the show before the year is out!


Liza Va said...

I love your creation of Woman Scorned; I am writing some things and if my writing turns into a book I would love to use your image...I am not a published author but there's such a sense of mystery, darkness and lighting that gives a glimmer of hope to your drawing. I am inspired by your image.

Jared said...

Thank you Liza, I am definitely amenable to having the image used. Please keep me posted on your of luck,


PS it is available for sale for $65 (plus shipping)