Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Good Photos of Super Secret Show! Mermaid not so much...

So our good friends at Furcafe have just posted some great photos of Trixie's Super Secret Show! I've pulled the best ones of the scenery (natch) Enjoy:

This one is my favorite, its got all of the silliness and Film Noir mood rolled into one!

Unfortunately Furcafe did not seem to make it to the Virgin Festival, so the only documentation I could find of the Mermaid Misting Tent was from random people on Flickr:

Because it was so misty, the above photo is what most people's photos looked like...How was I to know that it would be so misty in a misting tent? At least I polycryliced the heck out of those flats...they are probably warped real good now!

To complete this post, I'll briefly tell you that we got the Buick back from North Carolina...and KT is looking at trading it in ASAP (something about being an "old lady car"...she might be having a "30's" I'll cut her some slack)

I also painted out the rabbit on the Palace of wonders sign, in preparation to paint "Al the cat" in its place...more on this as it develops...And lastly, I'll tease you with this fragment of a design I am working on for another (not Trixie related) secret...

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