Thursday, May 17, 2007

WPAC 9x10 Opening this FRIDAY!

So this past week has really been a kick in the pants. I went into high gear trying to paint (and cut) at least four of my "Sea Monkey" paintings, as I outlined in my previous post. Well, as it seems to happen in many painting projects, we didn't end up exactly where we expected. What really happened was that I was cutting out monkeys, and then pasting down the "positive" to a canvas board, and pasting the "negative" to black paper. I didn't want to go blindly into the paintings, so I started doing "color studies" in pastel pencil and color pencil...In the end, I wound up with six color drawings, and no paintings to show. I am, however, very happy with the result, and I hope that these are great starts on a whole new vein of work for me. So, without further adieu, these are the six drawings in the 9x10 show:

Shore Leave
Color Pencil on Cut Paper, 11"x14"

Pastel on Cut Paper, 8"x10"

Pastel on Cut Paper, 8"x10"

Color Pencil on Cut Paper, 8"x10"

Coconut Monkey
Color Pencil on Cut Paper, 8"x10"

The Diplomat
Color Pencil on Cut Paper, 11"x14"

Please let me know what you think of this new direction, and please come out to see the work in person! You can get more info about the show here.

On the Academic front, Here is the final photo of the last pose in Academic portrait painting:

Academic Portrait painting
Third model, final state

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