Friday, May 25, 2007

Calm between storms

So this past weekend might go down in the books for me...I had an opening, saw two movies, (Shrek the third, 28 weeks later) a blowout bachelor party, and closed down Art-o-Matic...Wait till you hear about this weekend!

One of my final acts during Art-o-Matic was to distribute the redesigned Art in Heat cards:

Whaddyathink of the redesign? I think landscape helps make the panda look more appetising!

So the opening went well, no sales, but I don't think that the WPAC crowd really gets where I am coming from...they all seemed pretty serious about their art (not that one shouldn't be serious about their art, lord knows I am, but one should not take oneself too seriously) In any event, all of the pieces are still for sale, so get them now, before they leave for Hukilau!
Over the weekend I started toying with doing some more monkey paintings...this is kinda a fork in the road for me, I feel I have lots to say with these monkeys, but I need to make more tiki themed work for I need to start finding ways to incorporate more obvious tikiness with these I will share a sketch I am working on, of monkeys on a vespa (I feel that vespas are very "mid century" but not necessarily tiki, but I might put a tiki amulet around one of the monkeys, to hammer home the point)

Sketch for Monkey Vespa painting

So on Saturday I attended a very wild bachelor party. I got really twisted and had to spend the whole next day running away from a hangover...So there was appropriate self loathing for not getting more work done. You see, I have about two good work weeks before Hukilau, and I don't have time for hangovers! (this is also the time my wife and I have decided {actually our contractor decided} to remodel our bathroom. What were we thinking?) I don't have a minute to spare between now and when I load up the airstream and head south! Be forewarned, I will be doing very short BtT entries over the next few weeks, please don't take it personally...

On Monday I attended the preliminary production meeting for Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat, an Arlington Players production that I am the granted service for. (if you are experiencing deja vu, it is because I did the same show last summer at Imagination Stage) It seems like the director wants to go in a direction I will enjoy, but I just don't know about how much time I have to devote to it between now and July.

Speaking of not enough time, Trixie has started to rope me into helping decorate for the one year anniversary of the opening of the Palace of Wonders...looks like I will be getting to do that valance after all!

This weekend will be a crazy one too...tonight we have the rehearsal dinner, tomorrow the wedding, our bathroom will be demolished all weekend, I'm going to set up for making some Hukilau screenprints, Mark is having a "pirate" themed birthday party, and Dan wants to BBQ, and I am scheduling myself to make half a dozen monkey rest for the wicked...and I have apparently been very wicked....

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