Wednesday, April 04, 2007

One Revue Down...One O-Matic To Go...

So the Lobsterboy Ship of fools has gone into the history books. It was a really great show, and it was particularly nice to work with the Birchmere. It was the most pleasant setup and strike that I have ever experienced. The staff was helpful and willing to make an extra effort to make the show look good...which is different from many other venues.
Anyway, Here's a bad cameraphone shot of the show:
Lobsterboy Ship of Fools set at the Birchmere

A few photographers were there, so I have been looking for better shots on this one from someone named "birdcage":
Cardgirl's feet (notice how the pearls rhyme with each other...Artsy!)

Needless to say, as the photos roll in, I'll post 'em.

Glory is quite fleeting here at Between the Tines, so we are immediately immersed in the next project. ARTOMATIC! My In-laws are coming into town next week...and I have just done a schedule breakdown on what needs to be done between now and opening night...I am Fu*ked! But not to worry dear reader, as I circle the drain of sanity, you will be kept updated with frequent blog entries!

Now on to my academic progress. The assignment for 14 paintings was to do a Munch-esque painting...incorporating open lined crosshatching, as well as an object very near and one very far away.]I chose to also make a existential statement that Munch would appreciate.
14 Paintings, Number 6
In Academic Portrait painting I made a second pass over all the clothing. I especially made out well with the boots. I did them in a Franz Hals fashion...well, truth be told, Natasha ordered me to stop when I got to this point, saying that I had done enough and I needed to move on (lest I ruin them) So the takeaway lesson I got here is that sometimes the overworked area is not the best area of a painting. I have one more day with this, so I will do my best to fix the portrait and make the skin work better...and if I have time, I'll make the space she's in feel more solid. (next week Natasha has to choose some our work for a student "show"...which is really just stuff in the I have to bring back the last portrait. I hope she picks one of mine!)

Academic Portrait Painting
Second Model, 4th session
(check the boots!)

Lastly, I'd like to look forward to Birthday Volleyball on the Mall this Saturday...and to thank Jide for wishing me a happy birthday, even if skynet told him that it was the 4th...

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