Thursday, March 22, 2007

New Directions...Old Business

This last week heralded the coming of the "lets get down to business" side of making art. What I mean to say is that I took stock of the projects that I have coming up (Lobsterboy's ship of fools, Art-o-Matic, WPAC's 9x10, Hukilau, and Art In Heat) and started to plan out how I was going to make so much work in such a short amount of time...but first, I needed to take some good photos of the Hexagon Show:

Strike While the Irony's Hot, Hexagon
False proscenium with circus cartsStrike While the Irony's Hot, Hexagon
Freak banners

I have yet to hear from the official Hexagon photographer about getting some shots with actors in them...but I don't think these are too shabby for my old film camera...(BTW, there is still a chance to see the show if you are reading this before April 1)

The strategy I think I am going to employ for the painting I will be doing for the upcoming shows is based on the idea that I need to be a mighty river (hey, its my narcissistic blog, I'll be as hyperbolic as I wanna be!) So I have set forth to create a set of six "thesis" paintings. That is, six totally different paintings (thematically) and then pursue further paintings from the most successful of those original six...So if you want to get a glimpse of the headwaters of the mighty stream of consciousness that is Artbyjared, you'll have to swing by my booth (or wall, or room or whatever is left for me to claim) at Art-o-Matic!

For St. Patty's day, KT, Jared R, Mark, Amy and Sara all made our debut (in attendance) to Blobs Park. Brave Combo was playing...and we did the chicken dance. Nuf Said.

Over the course of this week I have been laying plans for the Lobsterboy's Ship of Fools (Birchmere April 1) and I actually got around to designing some scenery, here's a peek:Stage Left Mermaid
She'll be great with real tassels! (check out her burlesque feather fan)

Lastly, I am happy to report that I have classwork to show you, since I did not have jury duty, nor was it any sort of holiday.
14 paintings in 14 weeks
Painting 4, figurative abstraction

This week, Steven had a model roam around the studio while we painted one figure on top of the other. Eventually we were supposed to achieve a "DeKooning-esque" painting...I stuck to a limited palette and wrestled with the oil paint a bit...this represents 4 hours of work...I cant tell if it confirms or denies my ability as an abstract painter...

Academic Portrait Painting
Second Model, second session

I told you last time that I had a really hard time with this model...She's in a funny place (well, I am in a funny place) and I just couldn't get the figure right...turns out that I need to be looking at the model from the right side of my canvas (since I am right eyed, I think). I did as much and found the results improved dramatically (so much so that I feel confident showing you the results here) There are three more days with this model...I hope that my three day lag behind the rest of the class will not prevent me from finishing...

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