Thursday, March 15, 2007

CD and CB in DC with Me

I don't know how this has slipped my mind, but the official "pre-marketing" campaign has started for Art in Heat. Which means you should be on the lookout for this postcard EVERYWHERE!
As the card says, you can get all the up-to-the-minute-dirt at

Other than that oversight, I have little in the way of actual work to show for this week...Mostly because I was showing my parents around DC all weekend. It was a weekend of nonstop theater for them, so I hope that they went home for a bit of well deserved rest. When they got in on Friday, I took them to the new portrait gallery, in an effort to open up a dialog about painting with my father. He finds the whole business of "being an Artist" a bit mysterious in the first place, let alone that his son has chosen it has a vocation. After that we saw The Constant Wife at Olney. A very good show, even by Olney standards. The next day we spent shopping and tasting wine at the wine tasting event downtown, topping the evening off at Hexagon's production of Strike While the Irony's Hot. My parents seemed appropriately pleased with the quality of the show (and appropriately proud of the scenery), however it did lead my father into discussions with me about "getting a 'community theater' reputation"...On Sunday, my Mother was treated to close to $1000.00 worth of shoes. (she obviously didn't intend to spend that much, but she bought three pair, and can you really put a price on comfort? More importantly, she deserves to have them) In the evening we went to see the final performance of Lipscynca's Passion of the Crawford. It was a bizarre show, but quite memorable (it may haunt my nightmares for years to come) On Monday, I trundled them off to DCA...and I haven't heard from them since...(perhaps I'll email them after this post)

In the course of events, I also ordered two more segments of Pipe and Drape, so that I can A) use them for scenery for Lobsterboy's Ship of Fools, and B) use them as my "booth" at Hukilau!

servitude) for Art-o-And lastly, I got in line (and paid my money, and signed up for my 15 hours of indenturedMatic! So check back here soon for concurrent posts about Lobsterboy's Ship of Fools at the Birchmere on Sunday April 1, and the Opening of Art-o-Matic on Friday April 13!

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