Friday, January 12, 2007

What do you mean my content sucks?

You have to know that I have been busy lately. And yes, I did promise to write more. But I have not been on the "introspective" bent lately...its been more like "retrospective". You see, I am making another grab for the grad school apple this year, which means I need to get my portfolio together. But in these Post-post-post-modern times that we live in, that means a lot more than it used to. I have to get my work together on my computer, in order to make prints at Ritz, to put into a bound "portfolio" book. But I also need to take those same images, and send them off to be made into slides. I also need to contact my web guru to get my website updated. And finally, I need to post some of that (with witty commentary) on my blog. Which is were we are right now. (At this point I would like to point out that merely assembling the images on one computer is a challenge enough...let alone making the critical decisions about the quality of one over the other as a proper representation of a piece of art...or maximizing on the data in a poor photo....but I digress)

So, without delay, I am posting some things I never got around to doing as they happened:
Pirates of Penzance, Act I
TAP 2006
Pirates of Penzance, Act II
TAP 2006
I knew you wouldn't be happy with just the Treo Camera phone shots...

And in an effort to get ahead of the game, I have a small photo of the model for this year's Hexagon production, Strike while the irony is hot:
Yes, that's a false proscenium in front of the actual one...the model is 1/4"=1' so its easy to lose perspective on how large this thing will be, but its going to be a very large undertaking when it finally gets into the theater. To give you another sense of scale, the "circus carts" in the middle, are about 10 feet high...

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