Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hot dog for Thanksgiving

I will be jetting (no really, KT has got me on a plane to go back to Detroit...I've taken an "online fear of flying course" and I think it actually helped) to Motor City for Thanksgiving with the fam (that is, my parents and KTs parents and my new Ohio relatives) at Hal and Ellen's new digs in Royal Oak.

But always looking ahead, I have already started to think about Xmas, Lobsterboy style.This is a Vectorworks rendering of the stage (floorplan and elevation) at Chief Ike's Mambo Lounge. The space is very small, and they usually don't have any scenery, but I think that some scenery helps make the place seem, well, more special.
This is the first sketch of the "portal" idea for the Xmas show (which BTW is on Saturday, December 16) Its a wiener dog, with "Lobsterboy Revue" shaved into his side. He's eating tinsel...and...Well, you can figure out what happens after that... This design is rooted in one of the most traumatic memories I have of Christmas. My friend, Don, had a Shitzu with this problem. And it was a very festive Xmas indeed!

Lobs wants to show some films at the show, so part of the challenge is to find out how much room I can use for the Dog, while still providing access for the projection screen...More developments to follow...

Before I leave you, I just wanted to touch on some of the other developments that I have not been sharing with you...I am the Scenic for Rep Stage's production of Your a good man Charlie Brown. It has been taking up my mornings...and I could write a whole book on the goings on there...I have made very halting progress on the Velvet Animals project...The Palace of Wonders Valance is slowly getting into Sketching step II...I have had several meetings, including sketches and a white model, for Hexagon's Strike While the Irony is Hot...and I am flying to LA next week, for a week of fun (mostly being part of the "wide eye" posse, for the group show that Scott Brooks is in at the Luz de Jesus gallery)

Have a great Turkey Day!

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