Friday, November 03, 2006

Back from the Dead

Well, its been a few weeks, but I am officially back from the dead. The Halloween party was a blast. As you can see from the photo below, KT and I were both Elvis.The Karaoke basement (technically called the "Spooktacular Spooktacular Karaoke Floorshow") was a big hit. The skeleton Showgirl cutouts went a long way towards setting the "Haunted Vegas" theme...Below, Kirstra and Sara show those skeletons who the real headliners are!

We also made out, into a wedding chapel/funeral home, for the party. The velvet Elvis paintings all went, by party's end...And even the "Roy Attacked by Tiger" painting went...(I'll have pix as they become available)

The party was so great, that writing about it wouldn't do it justice...So lets just say that you are going to have to start looking for a costume for 07 right now!

One bonus I have to share is that we finally exhausted the film from the spongebob squarepants camera, and I found some Hot Rod Hula Hop 2 booth photos...
And Vern Came through with a good photo of the Trixie to Dine for event:
And I finally got some photos from NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD...
After a such a productive time, I have started to organize and take stock...Which means that a few more "here are pix that I didn't get before" postings will be coming down the pike...

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