Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bye Bye Fiddler. Hello Cannibal, and BUGS?

"Bug Bedroom" for an aspiring 8 year old entomologist
Audition project for KidSpace, Photoshop/pencil sketch

There are some major developments that…developed, this week. First, as I cryptically alluded to some posts back, I auditioned for an HGTV program called KidSpace. This involved cranking out a hypothetical design for “an aspiring, eight year old, entomologist.” Yes, on top of all of the other stuff this week, I needed to design a “Bug bedroom”. I had very little time this week because it was the last push for FIDDLER. I did another all day Sunday and an evening Monday, but the darn thing is up and installed (I even shot photos today…sorry, still using film, they will be developed tomorrow) Other than the slight miscommunication about the supports from JOSEPH still being visible over the skyline of Annatevka, it looked pretty good.

Monday was the audition, which overall, went well. I am going to be one of the “backup” people, since the other design positions have been filled. Its kinda weird, because that sort of puts me in the position of “understudy” which entails a secret desire to have someone else break they’re leg…well, in the end, I am only out a weekend of research and drawing, and the embarrassment of knowing that there is an audition tape of me out there now…

Layout Design of backdrop for Cannibal the Musical

Photoshop/Pencil Sketch

I have hammered away and resolved the final layout of the CANNIBAL drop! I begin painting this monster tomorrow, with high hopes of pulling it up Tuesday!

By this time tomorrow, it will be only one week until the HOT ROD HULA HOP in Columbus OH. I have lots of work laid out, to help fill the tent (oh, and I need to assemble the tent for the first time, and do all of the little things…but my amazing wife, who secretly loves to sell things, has been taking the helm on that end of things. My gratitude runs eternal….)

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