Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My Cat Has AIDS.

That’s right, my cat has AIDS. Well, it’s FIV. He’s FIV+. Turns out that there is a vaccine for this, but my vet doesn’t think it’s very good, so my cat didn’t get it. Now my cat has AIDS and shouldn’t go outside. It’s a quality of life issue for the cat (and for me, frankly) he needs to go outside. Most cats live for 9 years after diagnosis...he’s 11…so its not like this is going to get him quickly…Its just that if I let him out, he could bite other cats and infect them (the only way its transmitted) or he could become susceptible to other diseases because of his compromised immune system. It’s the kinda thing that can really ruin your whole day. I wonder how farmers who find out that their cows are BIV+ feel…I am really emotionally mixed up on this….

In other news: the can got finished and seemed to go well for Trixie’s event. I asked her about doing something for the Sausage themed show they have coming up… Below is a phone camera image of the finished product:

I made progress in the Versus project. Below is a phone photo of the sketch for the first in the series. I am hoping to take this one and make a watercolor from it. And also start working on the alien version in drawing format. I talked to KT about this project over 6 month anniversary dinner (thank you) and she thought that the whole thing should have a more “Monty Python”esque feel to it. As if the astronaut were saying “I’m not even supposed to be here today!” I like the idea, but I think it will develop naturally if I start working on it more. The lion has a lifeless feel in the eyes when its reduced to screen size...I think I can get around that when I paint to near life size.

We went to see Landless Theater Company’s Godzilla at the DCAC. It should have been better, but I still had fun. I called them up and asked if I could participate in their upcoming production of Night of the Living Dead. They want to set up a meeting after Godzilla closes….

Of course, this is all under the backdrop of my Treo 650 dying. I couldn’t hear or be heard on it, unless I had the headphones in. Radioshack needed to send it back to Treo to be “fixed” (which is stupid because we all know that they will just replace it, which Radioshack could have done on the spot) which means I am without my Treo for the next 7-10 days!!!

I also shut off our cable this week…goodbye Deadliest Catch!

Well, I guess I know why the whole AIDS thing has hit me so hard, it’s been a crazy week!

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Scott said...

Thats awful, you'll need to get him little condoms now and be sure to show him how to use them. You can also take him to a support group.

Sardines look great, and someone is actually having a "sausage" themed show?? Also like the "versus project" sounds like a good way to darken things up. Lots of possibilities.